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Technology Help / Coaching

Technology Appointments are to help you navigate technology, from learning about a new device, to understanding how to use a keyboard, printing, and more.


Please read the sections on what we can help with, what we can’t, and what you need to bring to a technology appointment. We are unable to keep track of your passwords and usernames. We cannot be expected to remember previous technology appointments.

Technology appointments are Tuesdays and Fridays from 3PM to 5PM. Technology appointments last for 15 minutes.


You’ll need to sign up for a technology appointment. To make a Technology Appointment call (970)532-2757, come into the Library, or email

What we can help with: 

  • Navigating a new device 

  • Downloading apps and/or navigating them 

  • Deleting Apps/moving them 

  • Recovering accounts or making a new one 

  • Navigating the buttons on a form 

  • Navigating our online resources like Libby, CloudLibrary, Kanopy and more

  • Navigating a website if you know where you need to navigate to

  • Navigating the keyboard

  • Updating your device 

What we can’t help with:  

  • Typing for you 

  • Filling out a form/essay/anything that requires your thoughts 

  • Business, health, legal (Social Security, Unemployment, etc), and tax help/advice

  • Anything that does NOT fit in the bubble of what we can help with listed above

  • Recovering a Gmail/Google account 

What you need to bring to a technology appointment: 

  • A writing utensil and notebook or paper

  • The passwords to any email or website you want to access

  • Your device

  • Your device’s charger

If you have any questions, please email our Technology and Marketing Specialist, Bella, at

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