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Technology Help / Coaching

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Technology Appointments are to help you navigate technology, from learning about a new device, to understanding how to use a keyboard, printing, and more.


Please read the sections on what we can help with, what we can’t, and what you need to bring to a technology appointment. We are unable to keep track of your passwords and usernames. We cannot be expected to remember previous technology appointments.

Technology appointments are Wednesdays from 4:30PM to 6:30PM and Fridays from 3PM to 5PM. Technology appointments are 15-30 minutes.


You will need to sign up for a technology appointment. To make a Technology Appointment call (970)532-2757, come into the Library, or email

What we can help with: 

  • Navigating a new device 

  • Downloading apps and/or navigating them 

  • Deleting Apps/moving them 

  • Recovering accounts or making a new one 

  • Navigating the buttons on a form 

  • Navigating our online resources like Libby, CloudLibrary, Kanopy and more

  • Navigating a website if you know where you need to navigate to

  • Navigating the keyboard

  • Updating your device 

What we can’t help with:  

  • Typing for you 

  • Filling out a form/essay/anything that requires your thoughts 

  • Business, health, legal (Social Security, Unemployment, etc), and tax help/advice

  • Anything that does NOT fit in the bubble of what we can help with listed above

  • Recovering a Gmail/Google account 

What you need to bring to a technology appointment: 

  • A writing utensil and notebook or paper

  • The passwords to any email or website you want to access

  • Your device

  • Your device’s charger

If you have any questions, please email our Technology and Marketing Specialist, Bella, at

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