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Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for our friends? Go to their website here, or email


The Friends of The Berthoud Community Library is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the people of Berthoud while also promoting a life-long love of learning.


Property tax funding doesn't cover all of the operating costs of our library, so their primary function is to raise funds to help supplement the library’s programs, activities, and infrastructure.

Their goal is also to increase community engagement through programming, fundraising, and outreach. They share the common vision of a superior public library providing a diverse collection of books, access to computers, and other valuable services for all members of the Berthoud community.

Their mission is to assist the Berthoud Community Library and its board of trustees to achieve excellence in Library services through advocacy, volunteerism, book sales, and fundraising. They provide financial means beyond the library’s budget and support its improvement and advancement.

Friends of the Berthoud Library

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