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To register for an event/class, call (970)532-2757, or come into the Library.

June Adult Events.png

June 12th: Board of Trustees Meeting at 7PM

  • Come join the Friends of the Berthoud Library at their meeting on March 6th at 6:00 PM at the Berthoud Library. 

Adult Events:

Mondays: Writers' Group from 10:30-11:45AM 

  • Join us as we free-write, critique, and hone our craft together. All genres of writing welcome. 

June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th: Saturday Sketch Hour from 11AM-12PM

  • This is an hour for artists of any age and skill level to come and practice, and to learn from each other. Paper and pencils will be provided, however, if you have your own sketching supplies feel free to bring them. (Activity is drawing-specific!)

June 5th: Friends of the Berthoud Library Meeting at 6PM

June 13th: "Echo Chambers & Epistemic Bubble" Reading Group with POPCO at 6PM

  • Registration is required for this event.

What is an "echo chamber"?

How should we interact with, listen to, and trust people we disagree with?
Why are conspiracy theories attractive?

This month we explore issues in social epistemology and the kinds of social structures that affect how we explore our beliefs. These two essays are “popular philosophy,” versions of articles the authors have published in professional philosophical journals, and are chock-full of subtle and substantial points about how we form our beliefs about the world and how these beliefs can be affected by our social networks.


C. Thi Nguyen, in "Escape the Echo Chamber," thinks there is an important distinction between epistemic bubbles—social structures in which we don’t hear contrary information—and echo chambers, which are social structures which diminish our trust in sources that disagree with us.

In his essay, he explores how this distinction affects how we should think about engaging with those whom we disagree.

In his essay, "The Warped Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories," Maarten Boudry explores why we believe in conspiracy theories and how conspiracy theories are unique kinds of theories.


Register for this event here: 


For more information and reading guide:

June 20th: "Intro to Invertebrates" with Butterfly Pavilion at 6PM

  • Come meet live invertebrate guests and learn about them from Butterfly Pavilion educators on June 20th from 6-7PM! Registration is required. Call 970-532-2757 to register.

June 28th: Knit & Crochet Drop-In

  • Knit & Crochet Drop-in will meet this Friday the 24th of May from 1-3PM. This is not a class, just a place for fellow crafters to meet and knit/crochet together. This is a drop-in event.

June 19: We are closed for Juneteenth

Call (970)532-2757 or come in to register for classes and events. 

June Youth Events.png

Youth Events:

June 19th: We are closed for Juneteenth

Tuesdays: Bouncing Baby Storytime at 10:30AM

  • Join us for Bouncing Baby Storytime on Tuesdays at 10:30AM. This story time is tailored to babies under two. Short books, bounces, songs, finger and foot play rhymes will be fun for babies and their grown-ups alike!

Wednesdays: Terrific Toddler Storytime at 10:30AM

  • Join us on Wednesdays at 10:30AM for Terrific Toddler Storytime. Let your toddler move and wiggle at this fast-paced story time with books to grow on, as well as plenty of singing and dancing!

Fridays: Perky Pre-K Storytime at 10:30AM

  • Join us on Fridays at 10:30AM for Perky Pre-K Storytime. We will be reading and interacting with longer stories in this group, but don’t worry we will still have songs and movement. We will wrap up with a craft.

June 3rd & 17th: Musical Moments at 4PM

  • Every other Monday! Let's play at the library! Musical Moments is especially designed for preschool children. Stop by every other Monday at 4PM to learn, play, and sing at the Berthoud Community Library. June's Musical Moments dates are the 3rd and 17th.

June 5th: Kaleidoscope Music at 2PM at New Freedom Outreach Center

  • Kids House of Joy--Sing, Shake & Shimmy All Around the Earth! Exciting, entertaining & educational for the whole family. Songs, dances, flags, instruments, and hand clapping/foot stomping fun. You won’t want to miss this highly interactive program with Joy & Beth!

June 6th: Don't Look! Team Challenge at 2PM

  • For these blindfold challenges you'll be attempting to high five your partner, draw images and more... For all of these activities you'll be relying on just four of your senses. Registration is required. Call (970) 532-2757 to register or come in to the Library.

June 7th: Come Paint with Author Lulu Beck at 2PM

  • Enjoy a reading and paint with the author of "Sue's Sky", Lulu Beck, on June 7th from 2-3PM.

June 12th: Polar Connections at 2PM at New Freedom Outreach Center

  • Presented by CU Boulder. Is a polar bear really white? How much snow does Antarctica get? How many layers of clothing do people need to wear to stay warm? Students learn about the polar regions and how animals and people suit themselves for survival. The location and climate of both the Arctic and Antarctic regions are studied. Focus is on adaptations including physical and behavioral changes. Participants discuss how people gear up to live in these harsh areas.

June 13th: Book Tasting with Tom at 2PM

  • This event is for teens to come and explore new books and genres. It will be set up kind of like speed dating (but with books), where every few minutes they will rotate. The books will be highly rated or award winning books in a few different genres. Light snacks (something that isn't messy, like cheese cubes) will be provided. Participants will also be given a sheet of paper to write down books that they particularly enjoyed. The community room will be set up as if it were a fancy restaurant, with tablecloths and classical music playing on the tv. Registration is required. Call (970) 532-2757 to register or come in to the Library.

June 20th: Werewolf in the Village - An OG Puzzle Room at 2PM

  • Find out who among your group is a werewolf, and figure out how to cure the afflicted with a ritual! Registration is required. Call (970) 532-2757 to register or come in to the Library.

June 26th: Mad Science at 2PM at New Freedom Outreach Center

  • Investigating the habits, needs and characteristics of dinosaurs facilitates the exploration of the fossilization process. Hand-on activities assist participants with their understanding of fossils and dinosaurs. This lesson provides an opportunity to develop scientific skills through inquiry based instructional materials.

June 27th: Right on Target! at 2PM

  • We'll use mini bow and arrows, swords/lightsabers, and pool noodle javelins to hit targets (not other people). Registration is required. Call (970) 532-2757 to register or come in to the Library.

Call (970)532-2757 or come in to register for classes and events. 

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