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Book Club

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Due to some scheduling changes at the library starting in September, we are moving book club meetings to the 4th WEDNESDAY of each month, with the usual exception of combining November & December to one meeting in early December. The times 1:30pm and 6:30pm will remain the same.


Here is the schedule for the book club 2023-2024:

  • Wednesday 9/27/23: Drowning Ruth, by Christina Schwartz

  • Wednesday 10/25/23: West With Giraffes, by Lynda Rutledge

  • Wednesday TBD: The Secret Life of Sunflowers, by Marta Molnar

  • Wednesday 1/24/24: Carnegie's Maid, by Marie Benedict

  • Wednesday 2/28/24: Remarkably Bright Creatures, by Shelby Van Pelt

  • Wednesday 3/27/24: Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk, by Kathleen Rooney

  • Wednesday 4/24/24: The Paris Library, by Janet Skeslian Charles

  • Wednesday 5/22/24: Go As a River, by Shelley Read



Please note we will not be meeting on Tuesdays any longer, rather on Wednesdays instead.


Looking forward to getting started on this great looking list!


See you in September,



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