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Summer Learning Initiative 2023

We’re excited for summer, and our annual Summer Learning Initiative!

If you haven’t been with us through a summer yet, here’s the rundown. We have Family Events every Wednesday afternoon at 2:00. This year you can expect musicians, storytellers, jugglers, even a petting zoo. Since we don’t have enough space in our library building, these events will take place at the New Freedom Outreach Center at 250 Mountain Ave. (Remember that they have a large parking lot behind the building, so you all will fit.) Those family events are free and open to all of you with kiddos.

Our Tween/Teen Events will happen every Thursday afternoon at 2:00. Our teens meet in the library building, and you can expect everything from escape rooms to book discussions to outside water games. Check the schedule so you’ll know what events are happening each week.

Family Events and Tween/Teen Events run all through June and July. And if your kids are too young for those events, Storytime continues every Wednesday and Friday at 10:30.

Everyone—no really, everyone—can have the opportunity to win prizes over the summer. Kids and teens set a reading goal or a project goal for the summer, and get prizes or drawing tickets for reaching their goals. Adults, we’ll punch your card every time you read a book, and once your punch card is full you can enter the prize drawing. It’s that simple. Registration begins June 1st .

Happy summer to all!

Amie P.

Library CEO

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