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Library Card Design Contest

Berthoud Community Library Card on top of artsy background

Calling all artists ages 3-15! The Berthoud Community Library District (BCLD) is holding an art contest from May 15th - June 16th for a limited edition library card that will debut during National Library Card Sign-up Month in September. The theme for the library card design is “All Together Now”. We’ll select a winning design through a vote at the Berthoud Library and on BCLD social media.

Click here for the digital contest form. 

Contest Guidelines:

Participation is open to anyone ages 3 to 15 living in the BCLD district or attending a Berthoud school. Only one submission per person. Artwork will be judged based on creativity, design, and how well the message of "All Together Now" is communicated. The winner will be notified by phone. The winning design will also be posted on the BCLD website and social media. To participate, complete the form that will be provided, create your design, and turn it in at the front desk of the library. If you create your art digitally, email the form and your art as a .pdf to All informational fields must be completed on this form or it will not be accepted. BCLD staff and immediate family members are ineligible to participate. For questions, please contact Bella Schramm, BCLD Technology & Marketing Specialist, at

Terms and Conditions:

 By signing the Contest Form, you agree to the following terms: You confirm that the artwork submitted is your child’s artwork and property and is not subject to copyright or ownership by any other person. You permit the Berthoud Community Library District to use the content on this form, including images, for the purposes of the library card selection and printing process. This includes reformatting content, but is limited to resizing and adding text content to meet the needs of the library card creation process. Upon submission, you grant the Berthoud Community Library District all rights to the artwork and consent that all artwork may be displayed and/or reproduced without limitation and without compensation.

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